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@ General Motors

  • Software Dev Manager on a project to rebuild GM's brand sites (Chevrolet.com, GMC.com, Buick.com, and Cadillac.com) from the ground up.
  • UI Dev Lead for My Vauxhall and many My Opel sites across Europe. Created with Angular, Bootstrap, and plenty of creative problem solving.

@ Cisco

  • Contributed to the development of a new management platform for the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) product line. The single page app is built with the dojo JavaScript library and Django Python framework.

@ home

  • Assay

    Tools for experimenting with a website's UI code via a benevolent "man in the middle."

  • AmazonAlt - Walmart Search

    This is a proof of concept Chrome extension that, when activated, searches Walmart.com for products matching the keywords on the active page. As the name implies, created with browsing Amazon.com in mind...

  • Texas Lotto Helper

    This simple site considers the odds of various lottery games to provide the savvy lottery player with sound investment advice. Viewable as either a webpage or via an Android app which wraps the website. Created with Angular and Bootstrap.

  • OrgAction

    A volunteer management service I worked on for a number of years but eventually retired in 2016. Operated with a SAAS subscription model and was used by groups across the country. It's what turned me into a JS developer! This is was single page app created with Sencha Ext JS.

  • and of course, this website!
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