Daniel F Moore

JavaScript for fun and profit!

Technology that interests me

  • Javascript and ECMAScript 6
  • Angular JS and Angular 2
  • Node JS/Express/Loopback
  • FireBase and Mongo DB


@ General Motors

Lead front end development of an Owner Center platform for GM's Vauxhall and Opel brands. This is a single page app built with Angular JS, Angular UI Router, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, and Gulp.

@ Cisco

Contributed to the development of a new management platform for the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) product line. The single page app is built with the dojo JavaScript library and Django Python framework.

@ home

  • OrgAction

    A volunteer management service I started working on in 2006. I worked on this exclusively for about 18 months before returning to the corporate world. It has not had any new development in many years but is still in use today by a few non-profits. This is a single page app created with Sencha Ext JS.

  • Texas Lotto Helper

    This simple site considers the odds of various lottery games to provide the savvy lottery player with sound investment advice. Viewable as either a webpage or via an Android app which wraps the website. Created with Angular and Bootstrap. (~2013)

  • This website! Check it our on GitHub

You can find me...



in Austin Texas

Jenn and Dan (2015)