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Walnut Creek Log Pile August 2018

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  • rr: Planning Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy of Agile

    Recommended Reading

    Alessandro Di Fiore’s provides a brief history of strategic planning trends and makes an argument for a less rigid and more flexible model. He goes on to review how an agile organization needs to balances bottom up input with their strategic goals.

  • Walnut Creek's Log Pile


    I have been riding Austin’s trails off and on since moving to town over 15 years ago – and my favorite park remains Walnut Creek. Overall its trails are smooth and fast but it does have an impressive log pile hidden within it that until recently, has always given me pause. While this obstacle looks impressive, in reality it is a timid giant, not too demanding provided one commits (and leans back).

    Hitting that pile of logs harder each week has helped me focus on other parts of my life where instead of stopping – I should be peddling harder and holding on tight.

    Walnut Creek Log Pile August 2018

  • rr: You Should Actually Send That Thank You Note You’ve Been Meaning to Write

    Recommended Reading

    Heather Murphy’s article on gratitude explores the under appreciated benefits of a heartfelt thankyou note - and our reluctance to send to them.

  • rr: Why Your Brain Tricks You Into Doing Less Important Tasks

    Recommended Reading

    Laying out tasks in an Eisenhower matrix is a useful method to prioritize some tasks and trash others.

  • GM IT Transformation Turns 5

    General Motors

    I started at GM IT in 2013 and while I only see a slice of the action - the scale is impressive. It is a huge machine and projects are counted by the hundreds, if not thousands…

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