Recommended Reading

Michael Lynch’s two part blog post reflects on pitfalls individuals fall into while conducting code reviews and how to avoid them. Particularly interesting was the successful strategy an experienced developer applied when taking over a troubled review with serious foundational issues. Spoiler - this individual did not lead with issues about code formating.

Lately, I’ve been reading articles about best practices for code reviews. I notice that these articles focus on finding bugs to the exclusion of almost every other component of a review. Communicating issues you discover in a constructive and professional way? Irrelevant! Just identify all the bugs, and the rest will take care of itself. So I had a revelation: if this works for code, why not romance? With that, I’m announcing my new ebook to help developers with their love lives: My revolutionary ebook teaches you proven techniques for maximizing the number of deficiencies you find in your partner. The ebook does not cover:

  • Communicating issues to your partner with empathy and understanding.
  • Helping your partner address their weaknesses. Based on my reading of code review literature, those parts of a relationship are obvious and not worth discussing.

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