OA Volunteer Management Service

OA provided web portals to non-profit organizations for the purpose of registering volunteers online and collecting information with a series of custom web forms. Volunteers could register for shifts or be assigned to them by an administrator. Communication features like bulletin boards and email templates simplified the work of communicating with large volunteer bases. While no longer in operation, at its peak, OA managed information for over 50,000 volunteers and worked with organizations across the United States.

OA Resurrected

OA survives as a place for me to incubate projects and experiment with tech that I want to learn more about.

Other projects

I have a few odds and ends on GitHub. They are typically done as an excuse to familiarize myself with some technology.

  • This site: Dan’s Notebook
    • Made with the Jekyll static site generator, built locally with the aid of Docker, and hosted using GitHub Pages
  • One More Thing: Recapture lost sales and leads – without exit intent popups
    • Made with: JavaScript, Webpack 4
  • Assay: Tools for experimenting with, and troubleshooting, a website’s UI code via a benevolent “man in the middle”
    • Made with React, NodeJs, Express, Firebase, Webpack, & Babel
  • Texas Lotto Helper: While a bit dated… the sound investment advice it provides is always relevant!
    • Made with: JavaScript, Angular, & Bootstrap
  • amazonAlt: An unpublished Chrome extension for cross shopping Walmart and Amazon. Really just an excuse to learn about Chrome extensions.
    • Made with: JavaScript